Cookies policy

When you are browsing our Website and consulting its pages, cookies may be stored on your device.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file stored by a server on your device (e.g. computer, cell phone, etc.) and associated with a web domain. This file is automatically returned when subsequent connections are made to the same domain.
Cookies have multiple uses; they may, for example, be used to store your browser settings, the display language for the web page, or be an identifier allowing your browsing to be tracked for statistical purposes.

Some of these uses are strictly necessary for the website to operate and be used in the intended way and, as such, are exempt from your prior approval. Others, however, require your prior express consent before they are read or created on your device.

Furthermore, there are two types of cookies: third-party cookies and first-party cookies. First-party cookies are placed by the website that you are viewing and browsing (more specifically the website domain). Third-party cookies are cookies placed on different domains to that of the website that you are viewing, generally managed by third parties, that have been queried by the site that you are visiting.

What cookies do we use on our Website?

When you are browsing our Website and consulting its pages, various cookies may be placed on your device:

  • Cookies that are necessary for it to operate. You may oppose their use by following the procedure detailed below according to your browser. However, blocking these cookies will affect your browsing experience and will reduce the quality of the services that we offer you.
  • Cookies requiring your express consent, in particular those enabling you to listen to audio recordings or podcasts or to view videos or webcasts. This is due to the fact that audio and video recordings, podcasts, and webcasts are available to you through third-party services such as Dailymotion, YouTube, Vimeo and Spotify. When you access this footage, and subject to your express consent, these third parties may place cookies on your device to help them identify you, as well as your preferences.

How to refuse cookies being placed on your device

You have the option, if you wish, to oppose the storage of cookies that are necessary for the Website to operate by configuring your browser using the procedures detailed below. We draw your attention to the fact that this operation may change, or impair, your browsing experience on our Website, as well as affect the quality of the services that we can offer you.

With regard to third-party cookies requiring your prior approval, you may refuse these cookies being stored by clicking on “Refuse all” in the banner displayed when you first connect to the Website. You also have the option to set up your preferences by clicking on “Customize”. Insofar as we have no control over the process used by these third parties to collect information about your browsing on our Website, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with their data protection policies in order to identify the defined purposes of use, including advertising, and make your decision.

In any event, you may change your choices at any time by going to the “Cookies policy” section.

Links to the cookie settings procedures by browser:

For Mozilla Firefox:

For Microsoft Internet Explorer:

For Chrome:

For Safari:

For information about the options offered by any other browser software and the methods for deleting cookie files stored on your device, the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority) sets out the steps to be followed to limit your tracks on the Internet, and also explains the procedures for cookie management settings via the following link: