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Bakhtyar Khudojnazarov



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Status: Completed

Director(s): Bakhtyar Khudojnazarov

Main cast: Timur Tursunov, Firus Sasaliyev, N. Arifova

Short synopsis : Seventeen-year-old Farukh and seven- year-old Little Fatsy are two brothers living in a small Tajik town, brought up by their grandmother since their parents separated. They decide to get to their father living in a faraway city where he works as a medical doctor in a sanatorium. To do so, they take an astonishing train through Tajikistan across hills and mountains, towns, and villages, up to the Afghan border. After a highly adventurous trip, they finally meet their father...


  • Timur Tursunov, Firus Sasaliyev, N. Arifova


  • Director(s): Bakhtyar Khudojnazarov
  • Screenplay: Bakhtyar Khudojnazarov, Leonid Machkamov
  • DP: Achmad Bakajev
  • Editing: Tatiana Maltseva
  • Original Music: Achmad Bakajev
  • Genre(s): Drama, Family

  • Production company: Tajik Film Soyus Telefilm
  • Production date: 1991
  • Language: Russian, Tajik
  • Duration: 98 min