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Goodfellas - DIPLODOCUS

Wojtek Wawszczyk



Screening room

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Status: Completed

Director(s): Wojtek Wawszczyk

Short synopsis : Diplodocus is a small, curious dinosaur whose parents disappear in mysterious circumstances. He lives in a comic book drawn by underrated artist Ted. Convinced by his publisher that his dinosaur comic is holding him back, Ted grabs an eraser… Diplodocus discovers he can teleport from one comic to another. On Planet Fear, he encounters the wizard Hocus Pocus; in the next world he meets quirky scientists Professor Nervekowsky and Entomology. Together they embark on a grand adventure, encountering fantastic creatures and amazing places. To save Diplodocus' parents, they must first believe in themselves and convince Ted to do the same.


  • Director(s): Wojtek Wawszczyk
  • Original Music: Mikołaj Stroiński
  • Art Director: Tomasz Lew Leśniak
  • International Sales: Gebeka International (A Hildegarde x Goodfellas company)
  • French Distribution: Alba
  • Genre(s): Animation

  • Production company: Human, PFX
  • Language: English, Polish
  • Duration: 99 min
  • Image Ratio: 0.00