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Goodfellas - MADAME LUNA

Daniel Espinosa



Screening room

Status: Post-production

Director(s): Daniel Espinosa

Main cast: Meninet Abraha, Hilyam Weldemichael, Claudia Potenza, Emanuele Vicorito

Short synopsis : Inspired by real life events, “Madame Luna” tells the story of an Eritrean refugee who is washed ashore in Libya and survives to become one of the most notorious human smugglers, with deep ties to the Sicilian Mafia. Now trapped in Italy and forced to experience the brutalising reality endured by the people she has exploited in the past, Madame Luna must try to find a way out before she is recognized and brought to justice. In the process she forms a powerful bond with a younger version of herself.


  • Meninet Abraha, Hilyam Weldemichael, Claudia Potenza, Emanuele Vicorito


  • Producer(s): Momento Film, Dugong, Rhea Films
  • Director(s): Daniel Espinosa
  • Screenplay: Maurizio Braucci, Suha Arraf
  • DP: Juan Sarmiento G.
  • Editing: Theis Schmidt
  • Original Music: Jon Ekstrand
  • Genre(s): Drama

  • Language: French, Italian
  • Image Ratio: 0.00