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Goodfellas - Sheba

Alexis Ducord, Feben Elias



Screening room

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Status: Production

Director(s): Alexis Ducord, Feben Elias

Short synopsis : 1938, Ethiopa. Facist troops are ravaging the country. 10-year-old Emelia embarks on a treasure hunt across the Horn of Africa to find her father, an archaeologist captured by General Servillo. As she travels through imposing historical sites and magnificent landscapes, Emelia will face many great dangers alongside her companion Muluku, a hight-spirited young boy from an Ethiopian tribe. During their incredible journey, Emilia will reunify against the oppressor those who, centuries before, belonged to the realm of the Queen of Sheba. An animated family feature in the tradition of Indiana Jones and Porco Rosso.


  • Producer(s): Henri Magalon, Claire La Combe
  • Director(s): Alexis Ducord, Feben Elias
  • International Sales: Gebeka International (A Hildegarde x Goodfellas company)
  • Genre(s): Animation

  • Production company: Maybe Movies
  • Language: French