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The Legendaries

Guillaume Ivernel

The Legendaries

The Legendaries

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Status: Production

Director(s): Guillaume Ivernel

Short synopsis : Dauntless and invincible, they are the greatest warriors of their day. But unfortunately, they are 10 years old... aigain. While battling the evil sorcerer Darkhell, the Legendaries accidentally broke the Stone of Jovenia which bestowed eternal youth. Thus the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Alysia were trapped inside their child bodies forever - humanity was frozen, doomed. Blamed and discredited, the five legendary warriors were forced into hiding. Now Darkhell has returned with a terrible plan to capture the Gamera Tree and exploit its magic to enslave the world... In this epic and ecolofical quest, our heroes will reunite, overcome their fears and once again become the "Legendaries".


  • Director(s): Guillaume Ivernel
  • DP: Guillaume Ivernel, Patrice Garcia, Helene Giraud, Alfred Frazzani
  • International Sales: Gebeka International (A Hildegarde x Goodfellas company)
  • Character Design: Valérie Hadida
  • French Distribution: PAN Distribution
  • Genre(s): Animation

  • Production company: PAN EUROPEENNE PRODUCTION, Maybe Movies, Belvision
  • Language: French