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Goodfellas - THE YOUNG IMAM

Kim Chapiron


Le Jeune Imam


Screening room

Status: Post-production

Director(s): Kim Chapiron

Main cast: Abdulah Sissoko

Short synopsis : Inspired by true events, Kim Chapiron returns with a nuanced, contemporary and profoundly relevant tale for our times.

Long synopsis : Ali is a 14-year-old teenager on the loose. To give him a proper education, his single mother sends him to a madrassa in Mali. When Ali comes back ten years later, he is a completely changed young man in his twenties. He has received a pious religious education and his deep knowledge of Islam makes him the perfect candidate to be the local Imam of his city, despite his young age and the doubts of his mother. His modern views and charisma quickly make him popular amongst his Muslim community, until his will to do good meets his new ambition


  • Abdulah Sissoko, Hady Berthe, Rebecca Brou, Anta Diaw, Moussa Cissé


  • Director(s): Kim Chapiron
  • Screenplay: Kim Chapiron, Ladj Ly, DOMINIQUE BAUMARD, Ramzi Ben Sliman
  • DP: Sylvestre Dedise
  • Sound Editor: Simon Farkas, Guillaume Dham
  • Original Title: Le Jeune Imam
  • Genre(s): Drama

  • Production company: SRAB FILMS, LYLY FILMS
  • Language: French