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Goodfellas - NAPOLI 1990, NAPOLI 2023

Nico Marzano

NAPOLI 1990, NAPOLI 2023

NAPOLI 1990, NAPOLI 2023

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Status: Production

Director(s): Nico Marzano

Short synopsis : 1990. Led by Diego Maradona, the god of football, Napoli wins the national championship – the Scudetto – unleashing days of celebration in the city. 33 years later, both 1990 Azzurri fans and a new generation of supporters are uniting in preparation for another Scudetto triumph in June. Through the lens of these two ecstatic moments, and a sensitively depicted mosaic of its citizens, NAPOLI 1990, NAPOLI 2023 portrays the complexity, magic and fervor of Naples, the club and its supporters.


  • Producer(s): Frames Of Representation, Inland Films
  • Director(s): Nico Marzano
  • DP: Samir Ljuma
  • Editing: Joe Bini
  • Archives: Fiammetta Luino
  • Genre(s): Documentary

  • Production company: Frames Of Representation, Inland Films
  • Language: Italian